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Building Your Business Credibility

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Build your Business

We Help Businesses Pre-Qualify For Financing & Build Business Credit.

Is your business Bankable?

Qualify for a

Business Loan

We work with every client to find you the most amount of funding, at the best rate and the best term available.

Most of our clients ar e repeat or referrals.

Tax Incentives

There are 1100+ Tax Credits and Rebates available.

This is money that is earmarked for your business and we just need to claim it!

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Your Success Drives us

Meet Dave and Zac.

We are the owners of LendingWISE, llc. Our Mission is to expand access to capital for all Business Owners.

We started this quest by navigating the Lendio marketplace for Small Business Loans. We learned that many businesses hadn't yet built up the credibility needed to apply for a loan. They just weren't bankable. Now we offer a program to prepare a business to apply for loan, shop for the best business loan available and then claim any tax incentives.

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